Driessen and Tamarkin on temperature adjustments

An excellent summary of the take down of NOAA’a elimination of the pause.  From enterstageright, Twin peaks-twin lies

For developed nations, surrendering to the climate crisis industry would result in fossil fuel restrictions that kill jobs, reduce living standards, health, welfare and life spans – and put ideologically driven government bureaucrats in control of everything people make, grow, ship, eat and do.

For poor countries, implementing policies to protect energy-deprived masses from computer-generated manmade climate disasters decades from now would perpetuate poverty and diseases that kill them tomorrow. Denying people their basic rights to have affordable, reliable energy, rise up out of poverty, and enjoy modern technologies and living standards would be immoral – a crime against humanity.


One response to “Driessen and Tamarkin on temperature adjustments

  1. Unfortunately Progressives are incapable of thinking beyond the immediate self-gratification they give themselves for ‘having saved the world’. They simply cannot conceive of the possible negative consequences of their actions. 50 years ago my father told me that the difference between ‘Liberals’ and ‘Conservatives’ is that Liberals want to eliminate something they see as bad as soon as possible, while Conservatives are willing to wait until they can replace what is bad with something they can be sure is better. In half a century that hasn’t changed.

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