Alarming information that exposes the Pope’s climate move as a fool’s errand

Like most utopian leftists, the Pope is wrong, so wrong about what will help the poor.

Video is outstanding, thanks Joe Bast.


6 responses to “Alarming information that exposes the Pope’s climate move as a fool’s errand

  1. Nothing very “God-like”, about this pope. Are you sure he is even aligned with “God”? Seems more like a political shill, for the Liberal/climate alarmist crowd.

    • Chev, the Pope is above God, so are the Marxist Warmist; Marxist can ”regulate” the global temp warming by 2C, by control button, as on a Fujitsu air-conditioner => insult to human intelligence! No different than before: when St Peter was bringing bad weather / climate, if people don’t pay the correct 10% of their product as tax to the church – now is same, to the Warmist Organized Crime (WOC)

      The Pope and all the rest are insulting God; because god created the ”Earth’s Temperature Self Adjusting Mechanism (ETSAM)” He made localized temp to constantly change, BUT: overall global temperature to be always the same! Yes climate is constantly changing, as the moon is constantly orbiting around the earth, NO the global temp is not getting warmer, same as the sun is not orbiting around the earth!

      For people that climatic changes and phony global warmings are one and the same thing, is same as saying: the moon and the sun are orbiting around the earth. Flat Earthers are in both camps… populist Pope, same as politicians, are following the majority!

      I have proven ”beyond any reasonable doubt” that: The Warmist and the populist Pope are 100% wrong, BUT: the ”Skeptics” cannot trow the first stone, because most of them prefer to believe in fairy-tales also… Anyway, if you want to have the real proofs under your sleeves, for when the thing hits the fen, here it is::

  2. James windham

    The Pontiff of the Roman Empire loves world Empire Church. It is in the Church’s DNA.

  3. what did you expect from a committed communist…??

  4. If Socialism, like all errors, contains some truth (which, moreover, the Supreme Pontiffs have never denied), it is based nevertheless on a theory of human society peculiar to itself and irreconcilable with true Christianity. Religious socialism, Christian socialism, are contradictory terms; no one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist.


  5. Jesuits & Marxist the difference, is paper thin: Noah ‘’predicted’’ world flood and built his ark / Al Gore ‘’predicted’’ second flood, and his commissars demand taxpayer’s cash, to buy themselves yachts (the end is nigh, give us your money). #2: the Vatican had invested billions of $$$ in a factory that produced in Italy for export landmines. I.e. when your legs get blown up -> the Pope will blame the world for not feeding you. / Al can donate $30 million and still have left over $10 millions for his stakes and caviar; because he doesn’t donate, before Christmas 2000 orphans in Africa will be dead from starvation (the Pope should canonize him for that and give sainthood to Al.
    #3: most of catholic priests are Pincos, same as most of the leading Warmist. #4: global warming is popular and fashionable – the Pope is supporting it / when fascism was popular, the Pope was supporting Hitler and Mussolini. #5: in the past: when you don’t pay correctly your 10% tax to the bishop -> St. Peter will send you drought when planting, and hailstorms just before harvest / now if you don’t pay for CO2 billions to the Warmist – will be droughts and brimstones, and you will all drown! #6: the Pope says: if you have two shirts, give one to the neighbor, BUT: not the Pope or Karl Marx say; if you have 16 shirts, should you give one to the neighbor, or: should you take neighbor’s shirt also, so you can have 17 shirts…?

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