Commie pope advised by commie green bishop? Call the vermin exterminators

The Argentinian commie is now listening exclusively to a commie enviro Bishop from another commie branch of the church in South America? My, My. jesuit? commie? In concert?

I am sick, but knowing the jesuits like I do–nothing surprises me about their willingness to prop up the ideology of communism–after all the commies promise they care–and then kill 100 million of their own during the 20th century. But they mean well and demand social justice.


9 responses to “Commie pope advised by commie green bishop? Call the vermin exterminators

  1. @john1282
    I have a feeling that this encyclical will not be as radical as many think. Saying that, there are about 10,000 more important topics he could have addressed.

    There’s a reason there was never before a Jezzie pope. The last good Jesuit was probably Fr. Leonard Feeney. Among other things, Feeney exposed the gay mafia in the church (to no avail) in the late 1940s. He was also a top-flight theologian.

  2. St. Peter was controlling the weather / climate for 1500 years – after Darwin published his book; the ”climate scientist” have taken charge from St. Peter… both together can do even better job, BUT: they should know that: ”predicting and REGULATING the weather / climate” was the oldest profession – prostitution was the second oldest:

  3. No surprise that the church leadership would act exactly like other governments and push whatever agenda provides them the most money.
    They both want to now sell indulgences.

    • Indulgences are chump change. It takes stacks of indulgences to build a church building but a single government grant can build an entire Catholic Campus University of Climate Change, and there are plenty of grants to be had by those that can bring in the votes.

  4. No surprises here. Jesuits = far, far left. For a long, long time. ‘Nuff said.

  5. But not everybody is as gullible as the Vatican Science Academy,

    A British MP has last week exposed the Climate Change Sophistry
    during a debate in the British Parliament, during which all the radical
    “greenie” MPs scuttled away from the chamber, seemingly shocked
    that an MP was “allowed to say such things”/

    British Government Member of Parliament, David “Top Cat”
    Davies, who is a former Soldier and Policeman, Exposes the
    False Agenda in the Climate Change Laws of the United
    Kingdom and Europe.

    See video –

  6. So, how do phrases like “commie pope” advance the cause of real science? I used to have great respect for this website and it’s author, but ad hominem attacks are counterproductive. Indeed, they are the trademark of the hard left. Have we decided the only answer to their vitriol is spewing our own? Can we please get back to making calm, rational, scientifically based counterarguments that used to be the bread and butter of this website?

  7. And it should be “its” not “it’s” just in case someone wanted to impugn my comments because of a single grammatical error.

  8. Science demands evidence,
    Religion demands belief;
    Fear steals our logic,
    Has the Pope become a thief?

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