Pride and hubris–remaking oneself ala the bamster, moochelle, jenner and dolezal

I just finished up at the Heartland Climate conference. I sat next to Physicists, an astronaut/Marine combat pilot, Meteorologists of great repute.

I can live with being an emergency physician who lives in the country and is certainly not famous.

However, in this trivialized and social media world faking a resume is standard practice.

Clarice Feldman comments on this phenomenon and the vacuum of superficiatlity and pretense created by lack of humility. Self promotion and vacuity create the pretense of achievement or the pose of a victim deserving special treatment so common in public and private life.

Affirmative action quotas have caused a surge of lying. Dolezal i just a really extravagant version of Brian Williams or other claiming special achievements or status for some kind of advantage or acclaim.

I like the word poseur to describe them–Adlai Stevenson was promoted as an intellectual, but flunked out of Harvard law. Algore was a mediocre student with a transcript that showed no science background to speak of.

My, My, image and public perceptions created by a sycophant press are important.


One response to “Pride and hubris–remaking oneself ala the bamster, moochelle, jenner and dolezal

  1. A. Lincoln often remarked on the case of the boy who, when asked how many legs his calf would have if he called its tail a leg, replied, ” Five,” to which the prompt response was made that calling the tail a leg would not make it a leg.
    It would not be a ‘leg’ to stand on.
    (Modern hagiography often transforms the calf into a dog.)
    To abridge the bard, “A rose, by any other name, would smell.”
    As a chemist, one of my most anoying pet peeves is mislabeled containers.
    Call these egotists what you will, or what they will. It will not change who and what they are one whit.
    Jenner, by any first name, still has only one X and one Y chromosome.
    Like Dolezal, my ancestors came from Africa – about 30,000 years ago

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