Hey, Bob, what if a trade agreeemnt sneaks in some global governance crap–how smart are you Bob?

Here’s a guy who is supposed to be on our side–and he doesn’t know how in the details of trade agreements the socialists are working their other games?

Shame on him.

I know all about David Ricardo’s well accepted thesis that trade is much better than tariffs and protectionism, but he pushes that and ignores the bad things that come from trade authority in the hands of a crazy leftist.

Recall the postings we have made here at JS about the warnings from Lawrence Kogan–how Europeans and internationalists work their political and legal agendas into trade agreements, things like precautionary principle policy regulations, under the guise of promoting international trade. And that doesn’t even touch the nature of the trade offs this anti-American president would slide into the agreements or provide for in the accessory enabling sections.


If we agree to something that doesn’t allow a withdrawal by successor governments, then this creepy leftist president commits the country to things that are permanent and harmful–what does Bob the smart guy say about that? Would he be considered a collaborator or a saboteur if he agreed to or argued for the trade agreement or is he just politically naive and stupid? Well I know damn well that McTeer is not stupid. I always thought he was really smart.



4 responses to “Hey, Bob, what if a trade agreeemnt sneaks in some global governance crap–how smart are you Bob?

  1. A pox on all these alleged free trade deals, which have been nothing but the destruction of the American economy / job sector / society. Passing another, in light of all we know of WTO and NAFTA, is the very definition of insanity.

    We have witnessed the Big Lie regarding H-1B visas, where those poor, poor, corporations can’t find an American to fill the position. Only it turns out it always was a lie, and now we see, just one example, Disney laying off American IT workers and replacing them with [foreign] H-1B visa workers.

    At every step, each of theses agreements has undercut and continues to undercut, our society.

    And now, thanks to the WTO, Americans will no longer have many meat products labeled as to their source of country origin. The solution? Cave in to Canada and to Mexico, who challenged our laws on labeling. The real solution? Leave the WTO, and all these America destroying trade agreements, on the scrap heap of history while there is still time. But time is running out. The odds are the re-vote on TPP will succeed.

  2. I did some informal research on companies that hired H-1B visa holders in the last ten years. Nothing scientific. Many of the companies have been sold out to other companies, and have ceased to exist as independent entities. So another possible reason for a company to hire H-1B’s is when they want to inflate their profits spreadsheet, so that they can look good to potential purchasers. Look to Disney trying to sell itself to someone or something with more money than brains, sometime in the next few years. Very possibly one of the newly-rich Chinese, either a person or a corporation.

  3. If we agree to something that doesn’t allow a withdrawal by successor governments…

    I cannot imagine any agreement that makes withdrawal impossible. All it takes is announcing “Were not complying any more!”

  4. The H-1B problem in tech (specifically IT) is that the Dept. of Labor sets the fair compensation rate and it is below what citizens demand for the skillset. Computer programmer, for example, is set artificially low by the DOL by blending “all” language developers and omitting that certain languages pay more than others (Java vs Cobol vs “web developer”). That’s the problem when a large, centralized government agency tries to set a market.

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