Eric Hoffer got it

I started reading Eric Hoffer 15 or 20 years ago, and collected all his books. He is not an essayist like Montaigne–he is, as he describes himself, an aphorist, but he’s a whoooooole lot more.

I believe he may be one of the great philosophers and political commentators of all time–a wise analyst and lucid writer about the human condition, but particularly insightful about human social pathology and mass movements.

This review of Hoffer by Rocca is a reminder of Hoffer’s wisdom and insights. I hope it will inspire you to read more.

I thought Rocca did a good job of emphasizing Hoffer’s most salient aphorisms and observations.


One response to “Eric Hoffer got it

  1. I prefer Robert A. Heinlein, who had a keen appreciation of the present & a sharp speculative eye on the future.
    I recommend ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ as a way of waking people to the shortcomings of our present & the possibilities for the future.

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