Too many trees result in pollution?

More trees are supposedly needed for carbon sequestration, but if you have too many older trees you get nutrient pollution.  From Discovery,  Excess Trees in Japan are Harming the Environment

Can trees cause pollution?

Short answer: yes — mismanaged forests can cause nutrient pollution. Cypress and cedar trees in Japan are causing massive amounts of nitrogen runoff into local streams, resulting in harmful algae blooms.

But, it’s not exactly their fault. The trees are planted in massive, commercial plantations, many of which have mostly fallen into a state of disrepair since their establishment half a century ago, during a period of high demand for wood within Japan. For a variety of reasons, Japanese companies began to increasingly import wood in subsequent decades. The shift in the market left in its wake an overabundance of humungous wood plantations, which are now causing major problems for adjacent wildlife in their sad state of ruination.

How many trees do you need to cut?  The enviro’s seem to go ballistic when you want to cut trees.


3 responses to “Too many trees result in pollution?

  1. Damned if you do; damned if you don’t….

    Just a thought.


  2. and that is not to mention the production of isoprene by trees, a potent greenhouse gas.

  3. The Blue Ridge Mountains are noted for having a bluish color when seen from a distance. The “blue” in Blue Ridge comes from the isoprene released into the atmosphere by trees. The great variety of trees in a typical broadleaf forest can also provide an allergen for almost everybody.
    Like the American Lung Association said, “When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.”

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