The strange dynamics of carbon taxation

Why would oil and gas companies in Europe go for carbon taxes?

Read this stunning indictment of their motives.

Makes sense that these vicious people would be willing to accept the enviro tax because their profits and sales would benefit, even if their customers would be hurt. Of course they also don’t care about the increased cost of living and decline in quality of life of people in the lower levels of income. And of course to hell with the emerging economies, where economic impacts of increased energy cost will cause hardship.


11 responses to “The strange dynamics of carbon taxation

  1. I think you have to remember that in Europe, governments desperately *want* the so-called “enviro-tax”. I suspect the oil and gas companies are really just calling their bluff. They indeed do not care. If the gov’ts must and will tax, then so-be it. They just want it settled. The oil and gas companies just need to know what the taxes will be over the longer term so that they can take decisions on the long term projects that take years and years. If the tax regime changes during the lifetime of the projects, all heck break out. I think they think by coming out with this position they are encouraging gov’ts to take a decision.

    I really don’t think that the oil & gas companies are “viscous people” willing to accept or reject a tax. you are right they can pass that on to customers. It’s the governments that are taking these decisions and it is they that should be looked at to make judgments as to their motives.


    The ongoing AGW scam is only the most recent part of a seventy-year worldwide crime against humanity . . .

    that started in 1945 with a NEWS BLACKOUT of battlefield victories by Stalin’s USSR troops in Manchuria and Korea in AUG-SEPT 1945 frightening world leaders into uniting nations [UN] and formerly independent national academies of science [NAS] into an “Orwellian Ministry of Consensus Scientific Truths” on 24 Oct 1945:

    I.e., National Academies of Science were united worldwide to “save the world from nuclear annihilation” by forbidding public knowledge of the powerful force of nuclear energy that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki: NEUTRON REPULSION in cores of all atoms heavier than ~150 amu (atomic mass units) including URANIUM & PLUTONIUM.

    • This is not helpful why are you doing it?

      • Bob, I speak bluntly because I believe the survival of mankind depends on the public having reliable information on energy at the core of the solar system that:

        1. Made our elements
        2. Birthed the solar system
        3. Sustained the origin and evolution of life on Earth

        I speak honestly out of a sense of duty to communicate factual information that my research mentor risked his life to keep from being hidden in 1945.

        I speak bluntly because the US NAS betrayed the trust of the American public after 1945 and misrepresented the main source of energy [1] in cores of:

        1. Heavy atoms like Uranium
        2. Some planets like Jupiter
        3. Ordinary stars like the Sun
        4. Galaxies like the Milky Way
        5. The expanding Universe,

        but the US NAS still directs lock-step “consensus science” through annual budgetary review of research agencies for Congress – NASA, DOE, EPA, NSF, etc.


        1a. “Solar Energy,” Adv. Astron. (submitted 1 Sept 2104; published privately 17 Mar 2015)

        1b. “Supplement for Teachers” (published 30 Mar 2015)

    • Is that you, Archimedes Plutonium?

  3. Australia terminated its carbon tax for very good reason. It did not work. Only propagandists and imbeciles could believe a carbon tax can control Earth’s inadequately understood, forever changing, complex, unpredictable, and chaotic climate system.

  4. Coach Springer

    Is there a link?

    Bottom line: It’s the bottom line. GE didn’t mind being forced to sell more expensive light bulbs and ComEd doesn’t mind working in a price rise or two if it can blame government and environment. (According to my bill, my usage went up 11% while my bill went up by 49% over last year. I think they call that “a pretty sweet deal “) I really, really wish they were purely capitalistic – all about producing more with less. That’s not what you get with political interference and government “help” – but it’s still about money. Call it a multiplier.

  5. Commercial interests want one thing most of all – a level ‘playing field’ that is free from legislative or administrative earthquakes. Given that, they can do what they were created to do – business.
    Governments are composed of people (progressive wanna-be tyrants) who want more than anything else to be re-elected – and not to lose their place at the trough. They will use the government’s authority to continue extorting tax money from their ‘subjects’ so they can afford to buy votes with public funds.
    The two (commerce and government) appear to be natural enemies.

  6. Tadchem oversimplifies. Commercial interests only say they want a level playing field when they are entering markets or competing. Once they become a force in that market, they want and lobby for special treatment, new regulations to discourage newcomers, and exclusive deals. To the extent they can convince politicians to vote for this special treatment through campaign donations, lobbying, etc., both parties benefit for nearly the same reasons. Bribery and corruption do not hurt either the payer or receiver; they hurt all those not in the deal. That’s normally the citizens of the nation whose products are more expensive, opportunities for market entry more limited, and burdens increasingly higher. The founders understood this and expected the government to act as a referee of what was fair, not become a participant in the game.

    Bottom line: wealth only comes through conducting business, but the fact that “public service” is a path to big wealth is an indication of a very dangerous path leading to tyranny.

  7. Interesting, I don’t see a link to an article yet everyone has lots of comments on it. Is it just me??

  8. Other reasons to support every crackpot government idea:
    The companies depend on government for rate increases.
    The companies fear more regulation.

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