Climate Conference Human Health Effects Research

Materials for Panel Eight—Human Health and Welfare

Heartland Institute of Chicago, 10th International Conference On Climate Change,
Washington Court Hotel, Washington D.C. June 11-12, 2015.

John Dale Dunn MD JD, Emergency physician, moderator will discuss:

1 Climate Change Reconsidered: Biological Impacts Chapter 7 Human Health

2 Indur Goklany portfolio of studies on planetary events and impacts in light of claims of catastrophe.
Goklany documents that weather and other sever events have had less effect on human welfare because of adaptation and progress.

Indur M. Goklany is a science and technology policy analyst for the United States Department of the Interior, where he holds the position of Assistant Director of …
Indur M. Goklany, Ph.D. Deaths and Death Rates from Extreme Weather Events: 1900-2008 … weather events are becoming less significant

Legal strategies for EPA problems

1. EPA sponsored Epidemiology and Toxicology and the federal jurisprudence on admissibility of scientific evidence–Daubert Standards

2. Reference Manual on Scientific evidence (3rd Ed. Federal Judicial Center 2011)
free PDF download of the whole book, 1000 pages. Chapters on all the scientific, engineering, and legal jurisprudential issues, the Daubert rules for admissibility, the admissibility tests for scientific evidence and testimony.

3. Admissions under oath by EPA officials in the Human Experiments Lawsuit

Number of medical schools involved Domestic 10, Foreign 6.
As admitted in the Declaration of Wayne Cascio MD

No Consent obtained that included the EPA assertions of lethality, toxicity and carcinogeniticy of air pollutants, admitted by EPA Human Exposure Researcher in the Declaration of Martin Case PhD

Admission that EPA does human exposure experiments because epidemiology cannot and does not prove toxicity, lethality or carcinogenicity, admitted under oath by Senior EPA research Robert Devlin PhD

4. Human exposure experiments sponsored by the EPA

Milloy and Dunn at JPANDS on EPA Human Experiments

5. Letters to congressional physicians, NIH journal editor and Medical School Deans on the

Hunan experiments sponsored and paid for by EPA.

Additional Reference Materials Offered for Consideration

JunkScience.Com archives on Epidemiology, Toxicology,

Uncertainty in the Cost-Effectiveness of Federal Air Quality Regulations
J. Benefit Cost Anal. 2015; 6(1):66–111 doi:10.1017/bca.2015.7 c Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis, 2015 Kerry Krutilla*, David H. Good and John D. Graham

Clean power plan

House Bills 4012 and 1422 on scientific integrity

EPA challenge strategies

EPA misconduct and John Beale
Senate EPW committee report on Beal Brenner and the playbook

Junk Science in climate and warming, Surface temps manipulation and the Pause

The prolific S. Fred Singer at American Thinker on climate issues

Statistician/Chemist and accomplished debunker of warmer claims, Sierra Rayne, at American Thinker


PANEL PRESENTATIONS By Enstrom, Young and Battig

Heartland Institute 10th Climate Conference

June 11, Washington Court Hotel
3:45-5:00 PM (will be live streamed by Heartland)

James E. Enstrom PhD (Physics) MS (epidemiology)

The Clean Power Plan & PM 2.5 Co Benefits

Stan Young PhD (Stats and genetics)

“Are EPA’s Human Health Claims Scientifically Supported?”
Contrasts Individual/Society, Rational/Emotional

Charles Battig MSEE, MD Anesthesiologist

Misdiagnosing Air Quality Heath Effects: EPA Data Derangement Syndrome?

/s/JDunn MD

John Dale Dunn MD JD
401 Rocky Hill Road
Brownwood TX 76801
Home 325 784 6697
Cell 325 642 5073


2 responses to “Climate Conference Human Health Effects Research

  1. Best wishes for a great expo, JD….The tide is going to turn anytime now…..

  2. Great posting. I am saving this material for reference.

    James H. Rust, Professor of nuclear engineering

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