LIfe at the Bottom

Theodore Dalrymple has written insightfully about the decline of the culture in UK.

Here is a horrific story of Tina Nash and what a welfare state and nihilism can do to a society.

There is an evil and vicious thing afoot.


2 responses to “LIfe at the Bottom

  1. Coach Springer

    Trying to describe both Nash and Jenkin: Life without morals or responsibility equals life utterly dependent on a collective equals life that is ultimately self destructive.. In collective life, intelligence and individualism is necessarily subservient to base reaction.

  2. Unpalatable to face, but the fact is that this class of the population is much bigger and much closer to the ‘norm’ than the class of followers of and the ‘Thoughtful / Intelligent / Responsible’ sector of the MSM……..

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