Victor Davis Hanson provides some perspective on journalistic malpractice

I do not trust journalists and people who want to be or pretend to be.

They are uniformly poorly informed and remind me of politicians–it’s all about them.

Hanson writes this far-ranging essay that includes some reminders about the old saying of the Epictetus the philosophical Greek slave in Rome who taught my favorite form of moral and civic thought–Stoicism. Roughly a philosophy that prizes virtue and discipline with adherence to honesty and piety, and a strong dose of commitment to the welfare of your fellow-man.

Stoics also teach a strong dose of humility and rejection of the short-term and false attractions of social success and acclaim.

Modern prominent people display very little of the stoic creed.

Journalists and the chattering class in general, the ruling elites are devoted to acclaim and social success, and consider virtuous living arcane and oddly anachronistic.

Brian Williams, Dan Rather–what creeps, what a thin gruel they serve up. The commentariat, chattering class, celebrity elites are so narcissistic that it is a distinct pleasure to see one that has character and virtue.

The Saying of the Stoic philosophers goes:

Alexander is dead and so too is the man who held his horse Bocephalus.


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