Iran is a shell of a country except in the bamster’s mind

Iran is not the hegemon. Assad is in trouble along with Hezbollah, and we are going to prop them up with an agreement that allows them to make nukes?

Only our stupidity and bad judgment is succor for the Ayatollahs since on the ground they feel it slipping away.


3 responses to “Iran is a shell of a country except in the bamster’s mind

  1. Westchester Bill

    The only alternative to negotiation with Iran is a deadly and costly war. Just look at the Iran Iraq war of the 1980’s.

    An agreement with intensive verification is in Iran’s interest. As long as neighbor states are unsure of Iran’s nuclear prowess, they will be under pressure to have their own nuclear programs. That Iran would be able to break out implies that neighbors will not be able to have a dominating nuclear position over Iran. Having nuclear power and medicine programs puts Iran at a level with Israel. Maybe, and this is wishful thinking to the nth degree, Persians would relent on their envy driven anti-Israel position.

  2. luisadownunder

    Hiz’ballah, ISIS, Boko Haram, Shi’ite, Sunni – all different names for the same scourge: Islam.
    Today’s “moderate” is tomorrow’s “fundamentalist”.
    The Western world should just pull out and let them exterminate each other.
    The only side we should be on is Israel’s.

  3. Collateral damage – If Obama approve the use, Iran will use them against Israel, of course, an indirect attack from Hussein Obama.

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