Blue staters need more mental health attention? No big Surprise

Newsmachete is a self-described conservative blogger and web site. Here below he writes about the higher rate of interest in psych services in blue states. Well considering blue states are urban and dominated by libs–not hard to figure–urban areas are where psych people are, where social adjustment is an obsession. Everyone is looking for his or her personal obsession, or disability, or diagnosis. Something to talk about and chew on.

Newsmachete presumes that the reason for the higher rate of use is a higher rate of mental illness.

I don’t think so–I think it’s a higher rate of dependency. Urban people just love to get help and whine a lot.

There may be some higher rates of maladjustment and pathology in the swamps of urban culture and environments of the urban slums and jungles of big city blue America–think Baltimore, NY, Philly, Cleveland, Detroit. That’s a consideration.

There is another factor however–lefties are a a dependent and anxious bunch, with a weak moral and character foundation to work with–and no respect for traditional virtue and what it does to make a life worthwhile, worth living, so they are mostly into what makes them feel good–then they find out it’s a pretty shallow life they live. They are steeped in a swamp of selfish narcissism. all about themselves.

The idea of tough it out–you kiddin’? They talk and twitter and tweet and whine and then whine some more and develop a whole network of “friends” to communicate with on matters of mental state and mood. Everybody wears their mental problems, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety like a badge–people don’t mind talking about their bipolar diagnosis (usually just personality disorders with some mood swings).

Of course some counselors and psych people even take unhappy people further down the dependency path by not doing their counselor or therapist job.

The lefties love dependency and ruminating about their miseries or their imagined victim status–They reject the idea that life’s tough–then you die. No, to them it should be a pleasant thing, not too stressful. Maybe you can live with your parents into middle age.

Where to go if it is a little rough???? Easy, talk it up with your friends, step it up and go see a friendly and sympathetic counselor, hopefully on your job insurance, and the counselor will validate your state of distress, see you every week if your insurance will pay or you will. Counselors don’t counsel, they co ruminate and keep their client lists buffed up. They reinforce victimhood, unhappiness, and troubled emotions.

See a counselor, pastor, social worker, pscyhologist, therapist, domestic coach, and if your want some pills to dampen your anxiety or pick up your depression–see some physician, general or primary care and harass them into treating you and giving you sleep aids and emotional modifiers.

If you’re all the way–see a psychiatrist–get some pills, whine about your mood, sadness, anxiety and attention problems-get some speed, tell em you’re depressed, get some lifters, tell em you have anger management or manic problems–get some smoothers. Drink and use street rec substances to add to the mix–then get some pills for those side effects.

Feel good about yourself? Got a purpose in life and believe in living a useful virtuous life–move to a red state so you can get out of the sewer of self absorbed people. For godsakes don’t go to to a standard public college.


3 responses to “Blue staters need more mental health attention? No big Surprise

  1. As a physician with an Oath, maybe you should give a s–t about the situation you describe here. The “mental disorder/illness” quackery, prescription drug addiction/dependency, ECT and pharmaceutical brain damages, and other historically, and current significant abuses of human/civil/patient rights, informed consent and ‘junk’/fraudulent ‘science’ have occurred primarily in the hands of your medical “profession” through PSYCHIATRY, and those in your field (an unfortunate majority) who go along with it, or just ‘look the other way’. Is your status as a ‘healer’ and writer here more important than your medical ethics, or the lives of millions destroyed, partially or wholly, by this barbarism in your midst doctor?-
    Or, is this quote relevant to your “mind-set”-

    “It’s almost as if there’s a macabre conspiracy of silence among psychiatrists concerning the spuriousness of their concepts and the damage they inflict on their clients. In their ‘hearts’ they all know that it’s there, and that it’s enormous, but no one is allowed to talk about it. No one is allowed to wake the monster, because they intuitively know that the monster will devour them all.”-Joanna Moncrief(psychiatrist)

    Any comments would be appreciated.
    -jim keiser, Facebook page admin,-

  2. IIRC, there is a ‘far right’ pundit whose battle cry is “Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder”.

  3. “Researchers Say They’ve Cracked The Code To Being Happy” (reported at just yesterday!)
    The answer is classic ‘Positive Thinking’ as preached (literally) by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.
    Johnny Mercer had the gist of it, in the 40’s:
    “You’ve got to accentuate the positive
    Eliminate the negative
    Latch on to the affirmative
    Don’t mess with Mister In-Between”
    The negativisim of ‘Progressive’ politics (they have to tear down what is before they can start building what they think is best for everybody else!) actually creates anxiety, depression, nihilism, despondence, etc.

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