Another exchange goes kaput–Hawaii has been on life support for months

This is a debacle–even the most leftist state in the Union can’t keep the charade going?

And for what–actually this is all intended Gruber’s admissions explain it–the idea is to kill private insurance on the altar of utopian leftists nonsense of mandates and administrative expenses, then push everyone into Medicaid on steroids and start the rationing and mediocrity project. Death panels are in that mess–coun t on Zeke Emmanuel and other elites being able to decide what expenses just can’t be tolerated by the collective.

Systematic destruction of the private sector and people’s liberty, but, as Reagan said, the last nail in the coffin of free market liberty. And the hospitals and physicians and pharma and insurance sectors all rolled over for the administrative state and a crony capitalism carrot.

When you surrender your liberty for security you deserve neither. When you roll over for the administrative welfare state, you deserve what it will do–make you a subject and take away your freedom.


3 responses to “Another exchange goes kaput–Hawaii has been on life support for months

  1. If the cost of the investments needed for having the capability to deliver a specific type of care have been sunk into the delivery system then just how much is saved by rationing and delivering mediocrity? The goofiness is sublime.

    • Westchester Bill

      Excellent point. It is exactly why foreign governments can demand free rider discounts for American developed drugs.

      One huge problem is that we use a ridiculous number for the value of human life. of $5 million. Iif a doctor keeps a decrepit old man like me alive another year, it would not be worth %5 million. My total life time earnings were less than $5 million, and I was relatively successful. This value of life is how the EPA can claim tremendous benefits for possible saved statistical lives..

      The cost problems are mainly from end of life care. The medical community understands that life extension is in many cases little more than showing off by the doctors with torment as well as treatment for the hapless patient. Its a hard problem in the abstract, but not so bad if people were allowed to do what is best for the patient. Hospice care often beats medical intervention in terms of extended life and corresponding comfort.

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