Ag science strives to produce the perfect potato

Of course the food fetishists and the fanatic enviros will call it the Frankenstein potato because it will be–oh horrors, genetically engineered.

As an Irish human being, I applaud the effort, even if it dredges up memories of the potato famine. If not for the potato famine the Irish might not be such a big segment here in the USA.


2 responses to “Ag science strives to produce the perfect potato

  1. It is my belief that already genetic modification is providing huge benefits to mankind. Wipe away all the ‘greenie’ emotionalism. The greenies do not understand that nature is providing for much more on earth than just feeding mankind – sometime those attributes it has awarded to something that man would like to consume is at odds and genetic modification can rectify such problems for man. A good example are the tomato varieties which in NZ have been GM to extend their keeping qualities – the resultant products have been on supermarket stands here for well over ten years and no one worries because very few are aware and I have never heard one negative report in all that time. The extra keeping qualities have reduced spoilage and the obvious wastage that results – In the western world one of the major crimes (IMHO) are the tonnes of food that are dumped every day, much of it because someone decided to invent ‘use by’ and ‘best before’ stickers and then heaps chucked out by restaurants – so for me, bring it on.

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