When Repealing Obamacare Doesn’t

The Republican Study Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives just unveiled its own healthcare plan, claiming it fully repeals Obamacare and replaces it with a “patient-centered, free-market solution.” The only problem is…they’ve created virtually the same Obamacare plan, just with a different name.

Although plugged in today’s Daily Signal from the Heritage Foundation, instead of being a free-market solution, it expands federal government oversight and control over our health insurance choices, lifestyles and diets, and even how we are allowed to save and spend our money, while eliminating privacy protections and compromising the physician’s Hippocratic Oath. Both patients and doctors will have to answer to the federal government.

With this plan:

  • The federal government has the power to decide what type of health insurance plan we can choose for ourselves and our family. As soon as the government has control over what is “qualifying health insurance,” the door to corruption opens.
  • The federal government determines how we will be allowed to save and spend our own money. When the government controls savings accounts, it ensures that special interests will profit from the holding of billions of dollars in government-approved HSA bank accounts.
  • The federal government redefines a “qualifying medical expense.” Medical expenses are no longer about actual needed medical care, but include costs for such things as fitness programs and dietary supplements that are government-approved and what politicians believe are best for us.
  • The federal government will “incentivize compliance” with “wellness programs.” Rife with superstitious and popular beliefs, wellness programs are not based on credible science and demonstrate why politicians have no business in medical care. Giving the federal government the power to tell people how to eat, what activities they must do, and what health risk numbers are acceptable … or else face penalties of as much as 50% will tragically discriminate against elderly and those with genetic predispositions who often need medical care most of all.
  • The federal government will mandate integrated and searchable electronic databases to collect and share our personal health information and monitor our compliance with its regulations. To protect our privacy, the federal government will determine what constitutes an “unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.”
  • The federal government will spend taxpayer dollars and give government grants for health IT to set up online information and enrollment for approved health insurance plans.
  • The federal government will determine the clinical practice guidelines that doctors must follow, deciding what is “evidence-based” and will lower costs and be best for the public good. Patients will not be able to sue a doctor for malpractice as long as the doctor clicked on all the right boxes in the electronic medical records showing he followed all of the government practice guidelines.
  • The federal government will spend $15 billion more to prevent the five leading diseases of aging that most cost our health system. There is no prevention for aging, except not letting people get old. That’s like the final solution by Ezekiel Emanuel (the mastermind behind Obamacare), which he described in Lancet in 2009.

The only apparent real differences between this and Obamacare are there is no requirement for health plans to cover abortion services and you can buy the same plan from any state.

How about actually repealing Obamacare?


8 responses to “When Repealing Obamacare Doesn’t

  1. If they start handing out those pedometers, as part of the wellness program, there are a number of ways of hacking/spoofing those to show numerous steps during the day. A small bit of civil disobedience.

    I suppose all of this will be mandated, just like Obamacare, with fines if people aren’t insured. So we’ll continue having unaffordable medical insurance, along with even more intrusive measures on our personal lives and habits. Oh, yeah, I can see how that is an improvement. [/sarc off]

  2. The ship of fools.

  3. I don’t think pedometers work on bicycles…

    That’s OK, I joined the VA to keep from having to pay a fine or be involved in Barrycare. Oh joy…

  4. ernestncurtis

    Sandy, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the work you put into analyzing these issues and laying bear the truth about where they will lead. This sounds like a bonanza for the politically correct “wellness” scammers.

  5. Tom in South Jersey

    I feel sick after reading this. 😷

  6. Maybe “Preppers” are right.
    The trick will be staying off-line from birth.

  7. Coach Springer

    That cinches it. No trust.

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