Were the Universities compromised or did they run headlong into stupidity

This is a long and thoughtful book review and commentary on a story about the leftist/socialist/post modernist conquest of a compliant university in the UK, but the story applies to universities in the West generally.

We always think of Antonio Gramsci as the intellectual forbear of the march of socialism through the institutions–some say that’s silly, the socialist movement was energized by many and was already an invasive movement when Gransci sat in prison writing.

Gramsci may have written a treatise that outlined the takeover by the left, but he was not a strategist, he was writing about the ideas that were nurtured by the commies. Activism is one prevailing characteristic of marxist socialist political activity. They want out with the culture, in with the change–their utopian ninny ideas.

The emptiness of the left is on display but also the immaturity of academia, its attraction to bad thinking and even worse behavior.

Orwell was right when he said (maybe it was apocryphal) that some ideas are so preposterous that only intellectuals believe them.



2 responses to “Were the Universities compromised or did they run headlong into stupidity

  1. Amazingly, by current ‘standards’, no reference to ‘gender issues’ almost as if heterosexuality was then the accepted norm…

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