Michael Ward speaks eloquently about opportunity

Well sure, it was a commencement speech at that obscure conservative traditionalist place called Hillsdale College, but like many from the UK, Ward has a way with words and speaks reverently of something we cherish here at Junk Science–liberty, and the benefit of being a freeborn spirit.

We often speak here at JS about how scientists of great talent and achievement become slaves, whores by their own choice.

And being a slave to conformity or the zeitgeist or money or status makes scientific or any other adult intellectual inquiry a cramped and inadequate, even deceitful and vicious effort.

There is a whole segment of the oligarchy that is enslaved to its own cramped self-importance–unable to question the “consensus” or speak to obvious evil and deceit. Politics and political correctness create censorious tethers on liberty and what Mr. Ward called the nature of being “freeborn.”

Ward talks of being “freeborn” and I do believe JS is a place where freeborn is cherished–Richard Feynman, genius physicist and Nobel Laureate, advocated in another commencement address (1974 Cal Tech) that honest and skeptical inquiry is a salutary thing.


No doubt about that. Remember how inspiring it was to hear Tony Blair speak well of America–why did we need a Brit to say it?


Why doesn’t love of this country and its traditions and history just exude from our political leaders? Because we have been poisoned by socialist/collectivist/utopian stupidity that is the fabric of what Angelo Codevilla described as the nature of the ruling class.


Hillsdale graduates are not welcomed into the ruling class of America–they are like us at JS–they ask too many questions about things that are supposed to be settled.




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