Property Taxes and confiscation of property by the State

We have discussed here land grabs in the West, but this essay is about how cost of government is a confiscation of much a much larger consequence.

Mr. Bargo says that Illinois is the worst example with large segments of local and state tax burden devoted to pensions and benefits for public employees, HOWEVER, Mr. Bargo didn’t look at the big picture where Illinois may be a bad deal for the taxpayer, other states are confiscatory too. Texas is thought to be a small government low tax state, but did you know that Texas imposes a pretty hefty burden in property taxes, for example and then there are those sneaky license fees and user fees to satisfy the maw of the leviathan.

Think about that. I own my house but local government really just rents my place back to me for tribute.


4 responses to “Property Taxes and confiscation of property by the State

  1. @john1282
    Tell me why we need government again.

  2. ernestncurtis

    All taxation is theft enforced at gunpoint. Those who doubt this should try to refuse to pay their taxes and then resist when they come to cart you off to jail and take your property by force. They will come with guns and they will kill you if necessary to collect their extortion money.

  3. National Socialism. Pretend that people actually own homes, business, and even themselves. Then pass laws, ordinances, and edicts that prevent them from freely using their homes, running their businesses, or choosing their personal lifestyle. Why should the state own the cow, when they can control all of the milk? However, what happens when everyone has to kill their cow, just to have something to eat, and there is no more milk to control? We, the people, are the goose that lays the golden egg. Kill us, and no more golden eggs. I get the feeling the government class hasn’t figured that out yet.

    • ernestncurtis

      Janice, you are right on the money again. If the parasite kills the host, the parasite will die along with the host. But the time horizon in politics is extremely short and politicians don’t look much beyond the next election. The study of history shows us that those in power will gladly sacrifice the long term good for temporary expediency even if it eventually leads to their destruction. They all figure they will be long gone when it comes time to pay the piper. John Maynard Keynes was one of the few who were willing to profess this openly. When asked about the long term consequencces of his policies of deficit spending and increasing debt he said “In the long run we are all dead.” It is incredible that people turn to government to look after long term interests and think that private businesses and property owners are only interested in short term gain. The situation is actually exactly the reverse. Private property owners have a vested interest in maintaining the capital value of their assets while government officials and agencies will sell out in a minute for a perceived short term gain. That is why intelligent environmentalists recognize that private interests will better preserve the land and resources and don’t trust government to do so. I know that intelligent environmentalists sounds like an oxymoron, but there are a few.

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