Gorski exposes the cruel nature of Adams and his chemophobe tirades

So Adams blames cancer survivors for taking chemotherapy and of course advocates a “natural” method.

I get sick thinking of the inside of such a mind as Adams has, but Gorski takes the time to filet his stupid ideas and condemn his low down talk about Monsanto or chemotherapy.

Chemophobia and obsessions with “natural” are so creepy, and ignore the important role chemotherapy has in fighting cancer. Everybody knows that the battle against cancer is more effective because of chemo, and provides survivals for longer periods than ever, even cures.

There is nothing more creepy and unscientific than naturopathy–talismen, totems, chants and smoke and incense type treatments with no connection to science but a whole load of voodoo and hoodoo, delivered by quacks who have no shame and no sense.



2 responses to “Gorski exposes the cruel nature of Adams and his chemophobe tirades

  1. @john1282
    I think what happened with Mike Adams (who actually started off not being crazy) was that he needs to play to the fan-base. To tell the truth, though, I’m not a 100% fan of Gorski, either, but this time he’s right.

  2. Gemzar and Cisplatin almost killed me but they did kill the Bladder cancer in me. It’s been three years. Still cancer free! I would do it again.

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