American Political Society?

Was the American Physical Society’s position on climate hijacked by activists?  A number of members believe so.  From CO2 Science, An open letter to the American Physical Society (APS)


One response to “American Political Society?

  1. APS was high-jacked by fear in 1945

    After “The Great Social Experiment of 1945-2015” explained how world governments hid from the public the source of energy in the core of the Sun that

    1. Made our chemical elements,
    2. Birthed the entire solar system,
    3. Sustained life’s origin & evolution,
    4. Controls Earth’s climate today, . . .

    An intriguing and extremely well-done video response described this period of totalitarian rule as “The Long Peace of 1945-2015:”

    Fear and unwillingness to admit the Sun’s pulsar core rules the world have persuaded physicists & world leaders that humanity’s only options are:

    _ a.) Worldwide nuclear war
    _ b.) Tyrannical world rule by
    _ c.) Nuclear energy paranoia

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