The Paris Propaganda machine is winding up

A lead IPCC author says that the current pledges will only delay dangerous global warming by 2 years.  From The Guardian, Paris climate pledges ‘will only delay dangerous warming by two years’ 

Earth will reach 2C warming threshold by 2038 based on carbon pledges made by 36 countries so far, rather than 2036 without any cuts, analysis show

This prediction is made by experts who have shown very little forecasting ability.  Yet they still get the big press for making stupid, scare comments they can’t really back up.  Besides, it seems almost like yesterday that we were reporting that the climate leaders thought not making the magic 2°C pledge because we could make it up by 2030 or so.  Today we are at the disaster tipping point. The propaganda machine is mindless and believes we are.


2 responses to “The Paris Propaganda machine is winding up

  1. Perhaps the closest thing they’ve ever said, to admitting that all the wasted money in the world, is not going to allow those morons to control the climate! Accidentally telling the truth!

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