The clowns at TSA

Kevin Williamson discusses the 95% failure rate by the new class of federal numbskulls–the TSA.

Recently I had to endure the usual waits in security lines. I really felt safe having some TSA guy yelling at us to remove everything, everything, from our pockets. One time I go screamed at by a TSA rent a cop because I wasn’t holding my hands right when I went through the old-time scanners–She acted like she was gonna shoot me for insubordination as a part of the herd. Then her supervisor gave me a class conflict lecture, telling me I was being too uppity.

This program was always about swelling the ranks of the federal union. Republicans went along because they always do.

I just can’t quite understand, they can’t even pass their own tests. They need to consult with the teachers who cheated on tests in Atlanta.


One response to “The clowns at TSA

  1. Well, this 95% did not include any paralyzed toddler girls that needed to be strip searched and a BCS performed on them. sarc

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