Enviros getting their wish–humans an endangered species

Of course I know that the green elite oligarchs think humans are a cancer on the earth. Sure the Club of Rome, Gates, Buffet promote sustainability as the antidote to too many people, with a healthy dose of misanthropy.

And sure I know that the “solution” is to reduce the human population to about 1 billion to inhabit a wild park with proper supervision from the oligarchs.

Germans have always had an obsession about neat and orderly and CONTROL. Know any Germans–that’s their schtick–order/control/neat. Fewer Germans is apparently a serious project in Germany. Considering their tendency to be ideological belligerents, maybe we do need fewer Germans? Wadduino?


The world is not so messy if you eliminate people, and the Germans want to start at home. Reduce their population by lack of reproduction, same thing is documented as happening around the world by demographer anthropologists like Nick Eberstadt–who was on the case a long time ago–showing how Russia is disappearing for shortened life expectancies and low birth rates.


There has also been a tremendous decline in birth rates in Iran, and some scholars say that such things can create an unstable nation inclined to impulsive and troublesome behavior.

Here’s David Goldman, also writes as Spengler, talking about the Iranian crisis of demographics:


I could go on, Japan, Europe are all turning into nursing home retirement center societies. I have always thought of Europe as a museum tended by the mandarins from Brussels.

The opposite opinion was held by the great Julian Simon, economic historian, who said that human populations need to grow enough to create urbanization, specialization, improve creativity and the result is progress. Hunter gatherer subsistence societies do not progress.

His major work was Ultimate Resource in two editions, that emphasizes the progress of societies that is directly related to an increased population.


3 responses to “Enviros getting their wish–humans an endangered species

  1. Humans may someday be successful at destroying ourselves.
    Natural selection?

  2. If they mandate same sex marriage with no exception, the human race will be extinct in about a century!

  3. Westchester Bill

    The amazing and wonderful improvements in China and the Asian Tigers are related to population control.. i don’t understand why population control would be positive for Asians and negative for Persians.

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