Don’t like perverts–you will be assimilated

Now the only “conservative” objecting to the latest insanity of allowing men in women’s bathrooms is Huckabeee? The unbalanced Jenner is in the media everywhere.

The word deviant or pervert offend you–well ain’t you just special, you non judgmental paragon of stupid. As for me it’s like pornography, I know perverts when I see ’em. For example Bill Clinton is a pervert even if he is still a hetero with no plans to amputate some part.

Bill’s perversion is defined by his narcissistic hyper sexuality that goes as far as predating women in lower societal positions, and even some philandering, apparently with underage sex slaves gathered up by the co pervert Epstein so they could be heterosexual pedophiles together?

But then you are aware of the pervert Kennedy, as in JFK? They come in all sizes and shapes. Not just flashers at schoolyards or grocery store parking lots.

Georg Neumayr discusses.


4 responses to “Don’t like perverts–you will be assimilated

  1. If I have to be “assimilated,” could I at least have some assurance of nifty Borg-type accessories?

  2. JD; you need to write a note at about 5-year-old level to this person et al explaining why they cannot possibly be what they claim to be….You wouldn’t have to use words like ovaries testes uteri or penes….. just cover the issue of chromosomes which would be generally acceptable…..IMHO

  3. My two favorite space sci fi baddies–the alien and the borg.

  4. Jenner lived with a male body all these years, and now wants a young female body to live with. The reality is: Jenner is 65 years old, and will only get older, and no matter how big the breast implants are, no matter how much surgery is done on the genitalia, no matter how many hormones are ingested, Jenner will not get any younger. Despite any outward female traits that are created, anyone who would be attracted to those traits is probably not a very desirable person themselves. Jenner will probably finally figure all of this out, butt it will be too late by then, as all the damage will have been done, both physically and mentally.

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