Victor Davis Hanson and Bedford Falls

The question is how did we elect a president who hates America and what it stands for?

Civilization and liberty are compromised by an intense leftist crusade.

Foreign policy, domestic policy have to be intelligently tended.


11 responses to “Victor Davis Hanson and Bedford Falls

  1. The question is how did we elect a president who hates America and what it stands for?

    The obvious answer is that those who elected Obama agree with him; but that naively assumes they were paying attention. They must also have believed that “energy prices will necessarily skyrocket” to be a good idea. The only way I can explain their votes is to surmise they weren’t paying attention: and we got what they deserve!

  2. While Hanson’s piece is interesting, let’s answer your question “How did we elect a president who hates America and what it stands for?”

    It all stems from the Civil Rights Act, which spawned affirmative action, which became the glorification of the victim, and everyone who is not a straight white Christian male is a victim.

    By virtue of the thus created politics of identity, the only issue, always and forever, is to promote your group. As such, America–as one nation under God–has long ceased to exist. Incidentally, there is no way to put that genie back into the bottle. The country may have the same “logo,” but everything else has changed.

    In the specific case of Obama, the symbolism of a Black president provides a huge boost—to no one in particular other than him and his fellow travelers–but will fool the sheeple. Still, the problem ensues, how do we procure an “electable” Black man?

    Above all, he must not be threatening, accomplished in any traditional way, or virile. Thus, an effeminate half-Black man with a resume that could be written on a matchbook, and a remarkably unattractive wife becomes the ideal choice. This, and a self-censored media who do nothing at all to vet him. Of course, it is an added bonus that he is also a Leftist simpleton.

    That’s how we have Barack Obama as president today.

  3. Westchester Bill

    Barack Obama was a reincarnation of Jr. Social life was segregated when Dr. King came on the scene and his energetic preaching was new to many and captivating. His preaching was not new or unusual in his community. Reverend Wright is of the type. Obama’s applied black preaching methods to secular policy. Somebody analyzed Dr. King’s preaching and found almost everything the man said to be wrong. His request that his children be measured not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character appeals to almost everybody. The implicit assumption is that his children will do better on a content of character test. Sadly Dr. King’s son Dexter was and probably still is a jack ass.

    Yes, Obama is wrong about almost everything. But the alternative would have us at war with several countries; There is even a “lets get it on with Russia” movement.

  4. The great question ahead is how, in their wisdom, the American people will judge the Obama Doctrine when they next vote for president in 19 months. Will they repudiate his policy of shuffling and contrition, as they comparably did in 1980 when they elected Ronald Reagan over Jimmy Carter? Or will they choose four more years of it, thereby turning the Obama Doctrine into the new norm and Americans into European-style remorseful masochists?

    Before we get to that “question,” let’s consider whether or not the Republican Party’s entrenched establishment is going to allow us to vote for a candidate who represents a repudiation of Obozo’s “policy of shuffling and contrition.”

    Considering their track record in 2008 and 2012 – serving up the rotting carcass of Crash Test Johnnie McCain and the Pepsodent smile of the Romnhoid, respectively, the two candidates best calculated to utterly enrage the Republican Party’s own core voting constituencies – whatever in hell gives Dr. Hanson to believe that the polls opening 19 months from now will offer any opportunity for repudiation of the high crimes and misdemeanors perpetrated by our Indonesian-in-Chief and his co-conspirators?

  5. Tucci, sometimes you are inspired to make tremendous comments, and I am impressed.


  6. What inspiration is necessary? In the words of the late Murray Rothbard, “Hatred is my muse.”

  7. “The question is how did we elect a president who hates America and what it stands for?”
    You are making an assumption with your question. The assumption is that we have fair and legal elections and voting. It has become obvious that just a few states are key to winning an election, and in those states a few large cities are key to winning those states. A better question might be “Who is controlling the voting machines that elect a president who hates America and what it stands for?”

    • @Janice–
      I hear you, but…

      Even though the electoral process is far from perfect, don’t kid yourself. The country has changed. “We the people” voted this guy in. Now, have people been unduly influenced and duped by institutions and the media? Absolutely! But, it has always been this way.

      Don’t believe me? Check out how M. Stanton Evans and Diana West were treated for deigning to tell the truth about WWII, and how we were led by the nose by Uncle Joe and his spies within FDR’s awful administration. Good grief, you can’t even challenge the official version of history 60-70 years later! Wasn’t George Patton being assassinated a wake-up call?

      Bear in mind that for many years, the losing Republican candidates have been pretty terrible. Besides, the Republicans don’t stand for anything at all.

      The Dems sure do, and they drive it home every chance they get. Whether you like it or not, there are enough voters who are in favor of abortion, socialism, mass immigration, and homosexuality, to keep putting their candidates in office.

      Please don’t fall into denial. The America you remember as a child is GONE.

      • Mr. Shaw, I certainly do agree with nearly everything that you point out. I would just go a step further, and say that We the People have become We the Serfs, because we only have one political party that randomly assigns a (D) or (R) next to the members’ names. Rather than a Republic, we now have National Socialism. The feds pretend that the citizens (serfs) own land and businesses, but they regulate the citizens (serfs), land, and business to the point that we the citizens (serfs) actually don’t control much of anything anymore.

        I truly believe that the majority of people in this country really do not like the way it is going (yes, that is probably naive of me). It is just that we have been complacent, and lulled into a sense of “doing the right thing”, when government never does anything to help anyone other than itself. At this point, the government has gained enough control, with our complacent consent, that it is now devouring the host. Our real Welfare Class is our Congress, our President, our Supreme Court, and the vast multitude of unconstitutional acronym-agencies littering the landscape. Heaven help us.

        • @Janice–
          “I truly believe that the majority of people in this country really do not like the way it is going (yes, that is probably naive of me)”

          God love you…really. I also used to feel that way, until I counted up all the standards that have fallen. After awhile, you must conclude that people who think like you and me are in the minority.

          Janice–do this objectively:

          Count up all the social mores that have fallen since the early 1960s school prayer decisions. After you get into double digits, try convincing yourself that the good guys are still in the majority.

        • ernestncurtis

          Janice, you are one of the few who properly identify the current system as National Socialism—also known as fascism. It is a sad commentary on our educational system to point out how few people really understand the meaning of the terms. Many people regard Hitler and Naziism as some sort of right wing pathology while actually Nazis stood for National Socialism (fascism). Classical socialism was defined as state ownership of the means of production. Fascism is government control through regulation while allowing nominal private ownership. One of Hitler’s top lieutenants once observed that there is “no need to own the cow as long as we control all the milk.” Most people think “Deutschland uber alles” meant that Hitler wanted to conquer the world but it really meant that the state should in every respect be considered superior to individual rights in Germany. His systematic killing of any groups that retained an allegience to any institution above their loyalty to the state was the inevitable result of this philosophy. Hitler’s first policy in this campaign was to disarm the population through strict measures of gun control. The American people should be very concerned about the persistent pressure for stricter gun control combined with increasing militarization of the police. I would remind my conservative friends who seem to be reflexively pro “law enforcement” that these are agents of the state and are paid to enforce the dictates of the state. And for those who call for the state to enforce moral codes and values, beaware that the morality they choose to enforce may not always be yours.

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