Update: Does skeptic smearer Naomi Oreskes have a conflict-of-interest disclosure problem?

I’ve received a lame-o reply from the journal in question.

I complained to the journal Global Environmental Change that Harvard-based ‘science historian’ and skeptic smearer Naomi Oreskes failed to disclose a financial conflict of interest in a recent publication.

In brief, under the journal’s own conflict of interest disclosure requirements, a “self-serving stake” or “personal belief” warrants disclosure. Long-time skeptic smearer Oreskes has been profiting from her book and eponymous movie “Merchants of Doubt.” Her recent GEC study made no such disclosure — or did it?

Here is the e-mail I received from GEC’s editors:

Dear Steve Milloy,

Regarding your enquiry about the paper recently published in GEC (Naomi Oreskes ‘Climate change denial and its effect on the scientific community’ [Global Environmental Change 33 (2015) 1–13]​). We have discussed the case with Elsevier and we do not perceive there is a financial conflict of interest – the author has cited the book that your web piece refers to within the article. It is not usual practice for authors to disclose royalty income from books unless this income has been used to directly fund the research being published.

GEC Editors

Did you catch that? Oreskes satisfied the disclosure requirement merely by obliquely referencing her book in an endnote. Here is the reference in the paper:

GEC reference

Here is the endnote:

GEC endnote

The GEC journal editors actually consider that adequate disclosure of a financial conflict of interest.

Yes, they do say in their e-mail that they do not “perceive” Oreskes’ profiteering off skeptics to be a conflict of interest, yet they simultaneously assert that a mere reference to a footnote is adequate disclosure.

Dishonesty is a theme running through global warming. This is yet another example of that theme.


5 responses to “Update: Does skeptic smearer Naomi Oreskes have a conflict-of-interest disclosure problem?

  1. Distortion, distraction, omission and deception are tools of the trade.

  2. Naomi appears to be a puppet of the worldwide tyranny induced by fear of reality in 1945:

    After “The Great Social Experiment of 1945-2015” explained how world governments hid from the public the source of energy in the core of the Sun that

    1. Made our chemical elements,
    2. Birthed the entire solar system,
    3. Sustained life’s origin & evolution,
    4. Controls Earth’s climate today, . . .


    An intriguing and extremely well-done video response described this period of totalitarian rule as “The Long Peace of 1945-2015:”


    Fear and unwillingness to admit the Sun’s pulsar core rules the world have persuaded world leaders that their options are:

    _ a.) Worldwide nuclear war
    _ b.) Tyrannical world rule by
    _ c.) Nuclear energy paranoia


  3. Have a look at the Global Environmental Change editorial board, no surprises there:


    Full of activist IPCC scientists, check it out. Grantham Institute, CRU, UE Anglia and lots more like minded.

  4. William Bill Fish

    Yup, boys shove head further in the sand which only exposes your butt for more kicking!

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