Natural food alert–all you obsessives and fetishists

The restaurant business is constantly trying to keep up with food fetishists who apparently have too much time on their hands. Comfortable fist world people can talk junk food–most of the world would say–good food, plenty of calories, fat and protein.

So what’s “natural” food, and what’s “junk” food?

I get reeeeellllyyyy tired of these people who are looking for food magic and, driven by the precautionary principle and obsessive compulsive control freaks.

I say like my mother, who raised 10 kids–eat what’s on your plate.

My position is avoid weirdness or fad diets, don’t eat too many calories–get on with your life–your genetics have more to do with you longevity than your french fry intake. You worry about food a lot–get a life or get a job writing about your obsession with eating the right things–other obsessives will appreciate you.


6 responses to “Natural food alert–all you obsessives and fetishists

  1. Moderation in all things, including moderation.

  2. I get reeeeellllyyyy tired of people who are ignorant of epigenetics.

    • Vitamin, I must confess to total ignorance of epigenetics. I went to Wikipedia and it seems to be about a person’s genes being turned on or off depending on something external to the person occurring. Are you saying that food is something that can turn a person’s genes on or off? Is your remark somehow related to the definition of Natural Foods? I am merely trying to learn something with my questions.

  3. I have never believed in food fads. I eat what I want when I want it. What a luxuary to have. People with poor food supply would eat anything they can get a hold of. Show me the people who die at an early age from eating the wrong diet. Low fat diets can harm people low salt is only helpful for people with a medical condition.. I am 70 and take only one pill a day. There are exceptions of course but restricting consumpsion of foods only helps when a medical need is diagnoised. For me eating healthy is getting enough food to eat daily.

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