How do we know the 2°C tipping point is propaganda? Just listen to the propaganda

In the run up to the Paris “climate negotiations” we may not get the reductions that keep the temperature rise at or below 2°C.  But that’s all right, we can do it later.  From Reuters,  U.N. climate deal in Paris may be graveyard for 2C goal

The cuts are dead in 2016, but Christina Figueres thinks that’s OK, because we can get them in 2025 or 2030. So, the tipping point that has to be done in Paris or civilization and the earth as we know it ends, really isn’t that tipping point.  We can do it later.  This seems to be the meme for a number of articles about Paris and controlling the climate.

This link as a really cute shot of penguins on a melting block of ice.  I guess polar bears have propaganda replacements.


3 responses to “How do we know the 2°C tipping point is propaganda? Just listen to the propaganda

  1. Christina Figueres has stated she’s about ‘fundamentally transforming’ global economics rather than climate. She is not concerned with temperatures.

    Picture #2 (after penguins) shows cooling towers blatantly belching H2O.
    The penguin pic is either photo-shopped or there is a gentle slope on the far side. I don’t think the penguins were stranded by melting or that they flew up there!

  2. Penguins are cuter than full-grown polar bears, and not as dangerous to get close to, so they make a more workable bid for sympathy. Except from my friend Chris (aka “Too Tall”), a quadruple amputee who likes to run around on his stumps – all of 4 feet tall, but over 200 pounds – and who would be a natural for the next Batman movie…

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