Gender dysmorphism

There are people who are obsessed about things–one group is these perverts who are worried about their gender.

Body dysmorphism is just an aberrant form of narcissism, an attention getting drama queen expression of neurotic histrionic nonsense.

Yesterday there was a news report on one of the major media outlets (CBS I think) parent of a young child were reported to have decided to change the child’s sex because the child was uncomfortable in its gender.

Freud pushed the crazy theories of infantile sex and such, but guess what–that child was abused by perverted obsessed parents.

A child uncomfortable in its gender–my my. We call that, in our business, Munchausens by proxy–parents use their kids to play out attention-getting and manipulation medical games and get medical attention. Smell of personality disorders like histrionic and narcissistic, and borderline?

When the little miss pageants and the childhood mixed parties started, promoted by helicopter mothers who seemed to have a problem, I knew we were headed down a bad street.

Body dysmorphism comes in many extremes, a few people have been reported asking doctors to make them amputees.

Cross dressing and sex change operations are a symptom and sign of personality disorder and neuroses–these people aren’t crazy–just off on a tangent.

Need to be slapped up side the head and told no but they are encouraged to live out a perverted little fantasy that makes the center of the known universe their obsession.

What the hell is celebrity Bruce Jenner, the perfect male athlete in his day, thinking after having 6 children, 3 wives and two decathalon medals–that he needs to have another round of narcissistic play acting?

Ever strike you that sex fantasy life seems to be a common part of narcissistic politicians and drama kings and queens? Maybe cause they can’t stop thinking about themselves?

Then get a life.

Paul McHugh, good psychiatrist has explained the problem better than I can, discussed here at JS. McHugh, as chief of psychiatry, shut down the Johns Hopkins sex change surgery shop many years ago–could not approve mutilating operations for people with a mental illness. Sex changers are an unhappy bunch, not any better off because they went from cross dressing to losing parts.

To be obsessed about your gender means you got bad friends and family and too much time on your silly hands. Think about sex and gender enough and pretty soon you think about perversions and histrionics.


4 responses to “Gender dysmorphism

  1. The gov’t. should stay out of gender, sexual preference, and marriage altogether.

  2. Umm, excuse my ignorance, but what exactly are “childhood mixed parties”?
    (Google doesn’t seem to know either.)
    Thanks, and
    Just a thought.

  3. Hey Vic, depending on your age, the way it worked in Leave It to Beaver times is that prepubescent kids were not encouraged in intersex sexually oriented socialization like dancing in dark rooms and groping prepubscent bodies.

    Now the idea is that prepubescent kids need to have sex to round out their lives and start thinking about dating and intersex (that’s what i called mixed) sexually oriented parties and social events sponsored by the helicopter parents before they get their first pubic hair.

    Prepubescent little misses get all dolled up like trollops and prepubescent boys are taught to develop their manliness and get sex early and whenever, oral or otherwise.

    So the net effect is we allow Freud and Kinsey talk us into infantile sexuality and Little Miss pageants, with little girls prancing around like the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, slapping on the makeup ann wearjng padded training bras,and we wonder why children are having children or abortions? .

    Of course you know all that–you were trying to be clever or what?

    You see In the first part of my career i delivered babies, and I had a practice in the black ghetto, and mostly I delivered young single women whose support was mothers who had had them when they were way too young–and no fathers to be seen around to take responsibility for their recreational procreational activities.

    Change the the mores, change the society. Black families in the 50s had religion and were intact. to much greater extent. Now we have white family bust up too. Ain’t we lucky–they all know how to lip sink and imagine themselves as celebrity singers even though they can’t read a note. .

  4. As to the mutilating operations…
    Why didn’t Josef Mengele think of this? Oh wait. He did.

    From Mengele to mainstream in 72 years! Now that’s what I call progress.

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