Charles Battig MD MS takes on the silliness of Sustainability

I can’t help myself. Sustainability makes me mad because it is emblematic of the inanity of
people who like to think they are enviro friendly.

You see there is no cogent definition of the word and in the real world it is just cheap talk.

A farmer is a steward of his land and will preserve it’s productiveness and not misuse it with bad practices–that’s good sustainability, but the magical nutty sustainability is mostly just cover for Luddite misanthropy.

Battig, physician/anesthesiologist/engineer takes down the silliness. Battig digs into the nonsense and finds magical thinking. No big surprise for true believers.

Here yo u might find my irritated posts from before and the link to Driessen’s very scholarly review of the politics and psychology, a longer monograph than Battig’s essay.

Driessen is the super size, Battig is a shorter discussion.


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